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Good personal hygiene is more than
just washing your hands after you go to the loo

Hygiene First Premium Quality Toilet Seat Covers
Keep the Yuck Away from the Public Toilets

When you go to the pub, shopping, or to work and have no options other than using the dirty, filthy public bathrooms? There are around 50 bacteria in the public toilet seats every square inch. Putting a sanitary barrier between you and the yucky public toilet seat can help keep the germs away. Hygiene First offers premium quality toilet seat covers that are biodegradable and protect your skin from unhygienic germs and bacteria that cannot be seen through the naked eye.

Why use toilet seat covers?

Whether you are an avid traveler or you just need to go out for some shopping, if you have to use a public toilet, there can be nothing yucky than that. Our toilet seat covers are of great quality that will leave you fresh without that nasty feeling for the entire day whenever you have to use a public bathroom. Not just while traveling, even the toilets at your office / workplace are not said to be completely clean.

The rate at which the bacteria and germs reproduce is unbelievable and the nooks and corners of the bathroom remains infected even after cleaning. Hygiene First offers high-quality disposable toilet seat covers that can be easily flushed and dissolved. Avoid direct contact of your skin with the toilet seat and let the toilet seat covers protect your immune system effectively.


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Order your toilet seat cover now for a clean and fresh feeling while using public toilets.

Hygiene First’s paper disposable
toilet seat covers

Sanitize your toilet seat with Hygiene First’s effective and disposable toilet seat covers. It is not only a sterile way of getting rid of harmful germs deep-seated on the toilet seat but also a good way to maintain hygiene at all places. The toilet seat covers offered by the Hygiene First is small and easy to carry in your pocket or handbag anywhere you go.  It offers layer of anti-bacterial protection from viruses and germs. The tissues are large and thick enough to protect your back completely. Our toilet seat covers can be easily flushed so you don’t have to worry about disposing it.

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